Yeah, so far I've just reworked the images, I kept it roughly the same, but used my own images for a darker, more to the site's name look.  The images are mostly done, there's just a bit of touch-up here and there, I'm prolly still going to give the guy creidt for the layout, but since I dont use special cursors, I wont have credit there, images, well, I guess I can thank the forum member I got this from.  Sicne the images are different, no need for Brush credit either.
design information
this layout is compatible to IE, Netscape>ver6, Mozilla,and Opera.
it should fit to all screen-resolutions > 640 X 480
bah, I'll remove credits I no longer need, and I enver actually say a copyright thing to startwith, unless he means the text.
how to edit
editing is easy, I should know that much by now.
credits and thanx
image: artofgregmartin.com; google.de; simple-graphix.de

designed: simple-graphix.de